The Future of Tourism in an Emerging Economy

University of Calabar, Calabar
28–31 March 2021



Association for Tourism Development in Nigeria (ATDiN) is delighted to invite you to the 5th Biennial Multidisciplinary Conference slated for March 2021.


Conference Theme

The conference theme is 'The Future of Tourism in An Emerging Economy'.

The twenty-first century has brought new challenges such as climate change, economic crises, terrorism, globalization, entrenched social problems and the current COVID-19 crises, which have continuously posed threats and created an uncertain tourism environment that affects destinations and their populations in virtually every sphere. In Africa and other emerging economies such as Asia and Southern America, some of whose national income and foreign exchange depend majorly on tourism, the risks posed to the industry by the above menace are not only palpable, but also worrisome. Increasing unemployment, loss of access to economic resources, poverty, ill-health and unabated social problems of all sorts have continued to stare them on their faces in the light of some of these challenges. More worrisome is the twin-challenge posed by climate change and Covid-19 pandemic. The latter appears to have locked down, in a dramatic fashion, the global economy, with tourism and travels bearing much of the brunt. But the former, that is climate change, is gradually but steadily creating avoidable difficulties for humanity in all spheres. Although earlier climatic changes were influenced mainly by nature, uncontrolled industrialization and human actions have been the bane of current changes. If these are allowed to continue unchecked, the effects on the global economy and tourism may be much more devastating than the current pandemic, if archaeological accounts and other documented evidences are anything to go by.


To keep pace with these challenges, all stakeholders - governments, businesses, communities, tourism organizations and academics need to continuously assess the emerging social, economic and environmental problems to identify future trends and examine various response policies and management decisions that will help to curb these increasing risks and uncertainties. This conference aims to interrogate the above issues from multidisciplinary perspectives in an effort to promote a balanced tourism growth for both established and emerging destinations.


We, therefore, invite submissions from diverse fields, including the social sciences, arts and humanities, management sciences, and related areas to this all-important conference. Both physical and virtual platforms will be available for paper presentation. Every presenter is expected to indicate her/his preference while submitting the paper.

Full Research and Working Papers

Full research papers and working papers deadline is 10 January 2021

The Organising Committee welcomes full research papers and working research papers relevant to the conference theme 'The Future of Tourism in An Emerging Economy'. Papers in other areas related to tourism, heritage and hospitality management are also welcomed. The sub-themes for the conference are developed around the conference theme and they include, but not limited to:


  1. Tourism Development, Policy and Planning 
  2. Sustainability
  3. Alternative and Special Forms of Tourism    
  4. Tourism and Community Development
  5. Stakeholders Collaboration and Cooperation
  6. Emerging Tourism Destinations
  7. Economic/Social/Environmental/Cultural Impacts of Tourism
  8. World Heritage Sites 
  9. Industry’s Role in Managing Growth
  10. Tourism Education and Communication
  11. Information Technology in Tourism
  12. Tourism Marketing    
  13. Hospitality Management
  14. Tourism Research and Methodology
  15. Tourism and Globalization
  16. Transportation and Tourism   
  17. Authenticity and Commodification
  18. Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Tourism
  19. Health, Safety and Security Issues    
  20. Events Management
  21. Human Resources Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  22. Ecotourism and Environmental Conservation
  23. Innovation in Tourism           
  24. Tourism economics
  25. Music theatre and entertainment
  26. Tour Operation

We welcome innovative contributions that focus on the above sub-themes, including tourism economics, hospitality and management. We also encourage papers on COVID-19 and the tourism industry, environmental conservation and pedagogical researches as well as theoretical and empirical studies relating to tourism, hospitality and management.

All paper submissions must follow the guidelines outlined in the attached document template.

Conference papers can be submitted via Easychair or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Author Guidelines and Template


Key Deadlines

Full research papers: 10 January 2021            

Working Research Papers: 10 January 2021

Conference Registration closes: 15 February 2021


Registration Fees

Membership (Optional)          - N5,000

Conference                              - N25,000

Students                                  - N10,000


Bank Information for Payment of Registration Fee

Account Name:           Association for Tourism Development in Nigeria

Account Number:       0055397622

Bank:                          Access (Diamond)

Note: Please email evidence of payment to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Please contact the under listed for reservation and booking:

  1. Telephone ATDiN Accommodation Reservations office on (+234) 809 316 7239; or
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