Call for Papers | JSOD Special Issue "Experiences in Destinations: From Souvenirs to Fulling Experiences", December 2021

Tourism has been a growing industry almost from its start, reaching unprecedented numbers until 2019. However, the year of 2020 was considered the worst year in tourism in all its long-time history. Going from one of the world major income generators to a struggling industry in a matter of months, tourism has had with the pandemic a major setback. To restart and come again to be one of the most successful industries is, therefore, a work in progress that will only be possible through resilience and the development of strategies to ensure safety and wellbeing across all tourism experiences. Thus, now, more than ever, people are looking (or will be looking) for meaningful and fulfilling experiences in their lives, and to enjoy life to its fullest. Experiences in destinations are a “gold” opportunity for people, either tourists, residents, or stakeholders, to embark in adventures that can improve wellbeing and give all tourism actors the chance to develop and promote new exciting and memorable experiences.  For tourists, these experiences can be lifelong goals and a way to feel and experience new places and people; for locals it can be, not only about the jobs opportunities that can arise but also in teaching newcomers about their culture and traditions; for stakeholders it can be a business opportunity and a new way to innovate and create new product offers. Thus, this special issue invites paper contributions on topics related to destination experiences and its shared dimensions: psychological, social, cultural, or economic. 
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Case studies on experiences in destinations;
• Innovate and creative experiences in tourism settings;
• Psychological, social, or cultural tourism experiences;
• Competitiveness in destination experiences;
• Authenticity and hospitality in tourism experiences;
• Sustainability of local communities;
• Loyalty, place attachment and revisitation experiences;
• Marketing and Branding of tourism experiences;
• The role of local organizations (SME, Schools, etc) in the development of tourism experiences;
• Future trends in tourism experiences.
Full articles should be submitted until July 30, 2021, to the Guest Editors:
Soraia Garcês, PhD, University of Madeira: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Margarida Pocinho, PhD, University of Madeira: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Florin Nechita, PhD, Transilvania University of Bravov:
All papers will be peer-reviewed. Articles must follow the publication rules as presented in the Author Guidelines. Any comments or doubts should be sent to the guest editors.