Social Debates in Tourism: A Comprehensive Outlook

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Abstract/ Chapter Proposal Submission: 30th April 2021

Full Chapters submission: 30th June 2021 


Editor: - Dr. Sandeep Walia


Rationale of the Publication:


The past decade has witnessed a noteworthy intensification in the attention towards conversations and research on social tourism and tourism related social matters, predominantly in the European settings (Minnaert, Maitland, & Miller, 2009; McCabe, Minnaert & Diekmann, 2011). Certainly, there is now much more visible proof on the imperative part that tourism can play in ensuring substantial assistances for the societies across the world and people living within them through social tourism schemes. The benefits of tourism also outspread to broader societies, to tourism destinations, home-grown businesses, local governments and native communities, which in return welcome tourists and their varied activities. Undoubtedly, there are numerous social aids and benefits of tourism, represented by positive social influences (Sharpley, 2018). These positive impacts might encompass; preservation of the local heritage and culture; strengthening communities; establishment of social services; commercialization of culture and art; renewal of customs and arts. According to UNWTO, tourism also has the potential to contribute to greater gender equality, education and the empowerment of women. Therefore, because of tourism social settings have transformed immeasurably over the past few years. It is safe to say that this is a normal fragment of progression. Now the question arises, is it right that we should put efforts to preserve the culture of an area for the sole purpose of tourism? Or should we let societies and cultures nurture and evolve on their own? This is gives rise to the various social debates in tourism that is vital to ponder upon.

With the new reforms and transitions in the society and cultures across the globe, the debate on tourism processes is also increasing. The social distancing in prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, increasing social reforms/movements that challenge the traditional practices of tourism interactions across the societies can have substantial results like, culture clatters, demonstration effect, standardization of services and social and behavioral alterations. The inverse relation of tourism and society requires brainstorming and call for analyzing the every prospects at every possible level from minorities to aboriginals, from what is being called a societal norm to one community to taboo for another; every term which reflects the interests can be sustained through tourism is worthy of discussion. In order to plan for the enduring future of communities directly or indirectly involved in tourism activities, these multifaceted economic, social, legal, and cultural issues must be addressed comprehensively by restructuring the tourism processes and relationships (Mason, 2015). The proposed book will to help to understand and analyze the ongoing social debates in tourism across the globe and will act as a pathway for tourism industry to overcome these challenges and hurdles.


Purpose of the Book:

The purpose of this book is to bring together high-quality chapters that focus on new knowledge and understanding on the prevalent ongoing social debates in tourism and allied terminologies, which hold the power to influence and reshape the future of tourism industry. To contribute in this respect, this edited book, aims to offer an all-embracing collection of papers regarding the social concerns, issues and debates on tourism in the global tourism industry. Research papers with new viewpoints and approaches for traditional models and theories, as well as new qualitative, quantitative and mix methodologies are welcome. As an edited book, it will add on new research, facts and information with high quality contributions from academicians, practitioners and researchers.

Keywords: Social Debates, Social Tourism. Authenticity, Slum Tourism, Ethnic Tourism, Sex-Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Social identities, Voluntourism, Gender Equality, Edu-Tourism

The book is conceptualized in Four Sections and Submissions related to (but not limited to) the following topics are particularly welcome


Section-1- Anthropological Debates in Tourism- Section -1 of the proposed book is focused on the discussion of anthropological avenues in tourism and is significant to understand the social context in tourism along with dilemmas and experiences. The section also aims to explain the concepts and practices in debates that give thrust to the industry and societies explaining human rights, sex tourism and the movements. All these concepts are being undertaken and debatable to turnout the societal definitions. Overall the current section is suppose to be compiled under five sub-topics/chapters:

Ø  Anthropological viewpoints/debates in Tourism

Ø  The Dilemma of Authenticity: Perceptions and Experiences

Ø  Human Rights in Tourism: A Primary Responsibility

Ø  Sex Tourism: A Dark side of Tourism Industry (Child Sex/Prostitution)

Ø  Social movements and impacts of tourism  (e.g. Me too, Black lives matter)

Section-2-Social Debates in Tourism- Tourism has been a major source for interactions among societies. Changes and transformations in social perspectives are giving many remarks to the tourism industry as it one of the most socially effected business activity. Exampling the social relativism and expansion of tourism in enriching the segments of the societies like LGBT, Indigenous thereby has helped the people to renew their identities. This sections is dedicated to refine and concepts and contexts associated with social tourism

Ø  Social Relativism: Perspective Approach

Ø  Tourism Transformation

Ø  Tourism and Social Identities- finding space for LGBT, Transgender etc.

Ø  New Spaces for Indigenous societies  (Aboriginal/indigenous/Tribal tourism)

Ø  Social Impacts of Pro-poor Tourism, Slum Tourism, Voluntourism etc.

Section-3-Gender Equality within Tourism industry- Another reformed approach being undertaken under social discussion is gender equality and even has been given special consideration under 17 sustainable tourism goals. Research about the women and its role in tourism industry is still going and also requires a refined approach under social context. In this regard the particular section is conceptualized under the given sub sections: 

Ø  Gendered motivations, performances and experiences in tourism

Ø  Women empowerment in tourism society

Ø  Edu-Tourism Development: Equal Access to Education

Section-4-Future of Tourism: The Sociological Perspectives- Conclusively the section is dedicated to strategies and constructional approaches of tourism.  Overall this section is supposed to be constructed under four chapters that will focuses on constructive and futuristic dimensions attached with social tourism thereby explaining:  

Ø  Strategic approaches to manage host-guest relationships

Ø  Tourism and taboos: Envisioning the social norms and its challenges

Ø  Cultural appropriations and Cultural relativism

Ø  Tourism as a Catalyst for the Preservation of Ethnic Minorities

Ø  Social distancing- Possibilities and the Future of Tourism Post COVID-19

Ø  Epilogue/ Conclusion/ Final Words


Proposal Submission Procedure:

The chapter proposals / abstracts up to 350 words highlighting the theme and section, along with author's brief biography (no more than 150 words) shall be sent to the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for initial discussion by 30th April 2021. Complete details and author guidelines will be sent to the contributors on acceptance of the chapter proposal


Chapter submission dates and other timelines:

Abstract/ Chapter Proposal Submission: 30th April 2021

Notification of Acceptance: 10th April 2021     

Full Chapter Submission Deadline: 30th July, 2021

Feedback/ Reviews Notification to Authors: 30th August, 2021

Revised Chapter Submission Deadline: 15th September 2021

Full Book Submission to the Publisher: 30th September 2021

The Publication is anticipated to be released in: January/February 2022



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