Dear colleagues,

We are glad to announce that Mardin Artuklu University, Faculty of Tourism and Tourism Education and Research Center is going to organize the “2021 International Mesopotamia Tourism Congress” on 27th-28th November. The main theme of the congress is "Cultural and Religious Tourism" and it will be a congress where nationally and internationally well-known speakers and academic sessions will take part in the Zoom and Youtube platform.

A brief history of the Mesopotamian region, which has a great role in shaping the history of civizilation:

The name Mesopotamia refers “the land between two rivers” is fed by the Tigris and the Euphrates, presents a unique history and culture. Mesopotamia is homeland of the firsts and singles of the history of civilization. Civilization history in Mesopotamia dates back to 12,000 years. The traces of agricultural revolution that is one of the milestones of civilization history. Our Ancestors improved wild seeds and reproduced them, settled in Mesopotamia to cultivate it, increased the production and started to feed more crowded societies. Agriculture and population led to division of labour, and accordingly a class society. The first villages have been established in this way. Slaves, masters, priests, soldiers and kings emerged. These villages turned into cities, then they became Empires and lastly nation states in the present day.

Mardin Artuklu University organizes “2021 International Mesopotamia Tourism Congress” and kindly invites researchers and practitioners from all over world in order to discuss directions for future of “Cultural and Religious Tourism”. We will also accept papers including topics:

  • Heritage Tourism
  • Tourism and Development
  • Eco-tourism/Sustainable Tourism
  • Gastronomy and Tourism
  • Tourism Impact Assessment

-Tourism Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • E-tourism and Distribution
  • Media, Popular Culture and tourism
  • Safety, Security and Tourism
  • Identity and Tourism
  • Tourism and Education

  • Tourism and Ethics
  • Tourism and Guiding,
  • Destination Management and Marketing



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On behalf of the organising committee,

PhD. Serhat HARMAN

Mardin Artuklu University Faculty of Tourism