ADM 2022

5th Advances in Destination Management Forum

June 8-10, 2022 in Kalmar (Sweden)


We are going forward with Advances in Destination Management 2022 in Kalmar. For details see below, visit the linked conference website or contact us directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to receiving your contributions.


The 5th biennial Advances in Destination Management Forum (ADM) invites researchers and practitioners to share and discuss contributions to advance insight and impact in destination management and marketing.


ADM 2022 invites contributions in eight different streams (session co-chairs in brackets):

  1. Destination marketing and management (Federica Buffa, Alan Fyall)
  2. Innovation and entrepreneurship (Matthias Fuchs, Florian J. Zach)
  3. Pandemic travel: What have we learned? (Pauline A. Milwood, Michael Volgger)
  4. Resilience reloaded (Gabby Walters, Christian Laesser)
  5. Tracking and human geography (Anne Hardy, Miriam Scaglione)
  6. Sustainable futures (Stefan Gössling, Marianna Strzelecka)
  7. Policy shifts (Marion Joppe, Christian Laesser)
  8. Open advances (Pietro Beritelli, Stephan Reinhold)


The forum provides an excellent opportunity

  • to develop an understanding of the state-of-the-art in destination management research and practice,
  • to test novel ideas in front of an interdisciplinary audience interested/versed in destination management
  • with very limited administrative effort for submission and while you keep your copyrights at all times,
  • to challenge destination management and marketing’s cherished assumptions based on practical experience or theoretical considerations, and
  • to help identify and shape the research agenda in this domain published after the ADM forum as the Consensus on Advances in Destination Management.

In the spirit of past forums, we continue our work to bridge the gap between parallel developments in separate disciplinary tracks to connect different bodies of knowledge on destination management and marketing.

The forum benefits from a mix of multifaceted perspectives contributed by researchers from different disciplines as well as practitioners with manifold backgrounds. This mix of perspectives drives stimulating, invigorating discussions of new insights and novel practices in tourism industry and beyond. This is supported by our panel of experts hosting different sessions.


Contributions of the two target groups vary in aim and form. Please refer to the submission details in the attached PDF or conference website for further detail.

Academic contributions (short papers)

Scholars are invited to submit empirical and conceptual research or viewpoints that push the boundaries of existing knowledge and have the potential to inspire insightful and controversial discussions. Their contributions take the form of short papers that should comprise approximately 5-8 pages.

Practitioner contributions (presentation outlines)

Practitioners are invited to provide state-of-the-art practical insights or domain-relevant challenges in the form of PPT-presentations that hold potential to inspire insightful and controversial discussions.


December 13, 2021        Start of submission period

January 31, 2022           End of submission period

March 23, 2022               Author notification (academic: double-blind reviews) & Registration (early bird) opens

May 31, 2022                   Registration deadline

June 8, 202                        Official conference opening



ADM 2022 is co-hosted between Universität St. Gallen (HSG, Switzerland) and Linnéuniversitetet (LNU, Sweden) in the premises of the School of Business and Economics in Kalmar. LNU’s Kalmar campus is located on the guest harbor, next to the tourist office, in between the Kalmar Castle and the historic city center. This new campus was inaugurated in summer 2021.

ADM 2022 takes place one week after the Tourism Academy conference (Belgium) and one week ahead of TTRA conference (Canada).


The conference partners with the Journal of Destination Marketing & Management (JDMM, Elsevier) for the ADM Best Contribution Award. Contributions in all streams qualify for consideration for this award.


For further details, please visit the ADM website:
or contact us directly via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ADM Conference Committee

  • Stephan Reinhold (LNU, chair)
  • Christian Laesser (HSG, scientific track)
  • Per Pettersson Löfquist (LNU, practitioner track)
  • Pietro Beritelli (HSG)
  • Veronika Schanderl (Swisscontact)
  • Marianna Strzelecka (LNU)