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Event Management journalSpecial Issue:Event Innovation and Resilience during Uncertainty

In recent years, studies on innovation and resilience, often adopt the angle of crisis recovery or focus on value-creating innovative and creative strategies and practices. While those studies have begun to explore the underpinning principles of innovation and resilience, they often focus on a specific sector or region or viewed through the narrow lenses of economic recovery. Moreover, the theoretical and applied aspects of innovation and resilience need to be approached from a multidisciplinary point of view, to enable a better understanding of the internal and external dynamics that affect the evolution, planning and delivery of events at times of uncertainty. The pathway to success (or failure) lies on the overall innovative stance adopted by event stakeholders and the resilience demonstrated by companies and communities alike to externalities that yield not only challenges and threats; but also bear opportunities for fundamentally rethinking our practices of planning and delivering events. Therefore, an SI revisiting innovation and resilience during uncertainty will be highly relevant to both, industry and academia.

This special issue welcomes theoretical, empirical, experimental, and case study research contributions. These contributions should clearly address the theoretical and practical implications of the research in reference. Both conceptual and empirical work are welcome. Event innovation and resilience can be viewed under a variety of prisms, including but not limited to:

  • Innovation, creativity and change management
  • Resilience management
  • Complexity management
  • Competitiveness, sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Consumer behaviour, decision-making, expectations, experience and satisfaction
  • Adaptive capacities
  • Crisis management
  • Urban resilience
  • Multi-disciplinary resilience
  • Event design, planning and delivery
  • Economics of change impacts and adaptation
  • Emerging and innovative research methods and methodologies
  • Human resources, equality, diversity, and labour operations
  • The role of technology in event innovation and resilience
  • Marketing, advertising, branding and promotional activities
  • Mobilities
  • Training and education
  • Wellbeing of employees, local communities and event participants
  • Other interdisciplinary areas related to event management

Review Process

Each paper submitted for publication consideration is subjected to the standard review process designated by Event Management journal. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editor-in-chief along with the guest editors, decisions will be made whether particular submissions will be accepted, revised or rejected. Please note that the review process will start after the full paper submission deadline.

Submission Guidelines

Authors should submit manuscripts electronically via the journal online platform

Full Paper Submission Deadline: Sunday, 13th March 2022.Expected Publication Date: Mid to end of 2023