Call for papers:

3rd Critical Tourism Studies - Asia Pacific Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam, 13-17 February 2023
“Children’s Agency in Tourism”


Session convener:  Associate Professor Heike Schänzel, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Abstract submission deadline: 23 September 2022, please email abstract to Heike: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Children not only represent a significant proportion of the world’s population but also signify the future. The aftermath of the pandemic provides an opportunity to ‘come back better’, reimagine, and establish a radical shift towards a child-inclusive social agenda in tourism. Children and families form the most important emotional bonds in society, and it is these social relationships that often drive demand and supply in tourism. Recently, there has been increasing attention on the tourist experiences of children, families, and intergenerational wellbeing (e.g., Gram et al., 2019; Pomfret, 2021; Schänzel, Urie & Lynch, 2021). However, there is dearth of research on family-related dimensions of tourism businesses and host-children studies (Canosa & Schänzel, 2021; Yang, Yang & Khoo-Lattimore, 2020). Although it is estimated that 19 million children are engaged in the tourism industry, our knowledge of child labour issues is limited (Yang et al., 2020). The subjective dimensions of tourism impacts on host-children have been overlooked and limited studies have reflected children’s voices in the research, such as the role of children in tourism employment and in tourism family entrepreneurship.

This session focuses on children’s roles, as active economic and social actors, by moving beyond “adultist” and “protectionist” approaches towards proposing a child-inclusive or “childist” approach to tourism.

This is part of a broader social justice agenda, which is critical to privilege children’s rights (see Canosa et al., 2022), their participation, and wellbeing in the context of global development and tourism.

It seeks empirical and conceptual contributions that offer contributions to knowledge on topics including, but not limited to:

- Child-labour in tourism

- Children in tourism family entrepreneurship

- Host-children in tourism destinations

- Children's tourism experiences

- Childism in tourism

- Social tourism and children

- Child sex tourism

- Child migration and tourism

- Innovative methodologies for including children

- Ethics of researching children


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