Call for Book Chapters: Tourist Behavior in the New normal: Implications for Sustainable Tourism Development



The aim of this edited book is to understand tourist behaviour, visitors’ consumption patterns as well as their expectations and emerging trends following the pandemic. The question is ‘whether changes in tourist behaviour has an impact on sustainable tourism development and what are the implications?” This book provides readership with essential theoretical and empirical knowledge on Tourist behaviour in the new normal as well as its implications for sustainable tourism development. Chapters proposed are explored in nine thematic areas as highlighted below.


Book Themes

Part A: Visitor Behavior and the Experience Economy

  • The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the travel and visitor experience economy
  • Tourist behavior sciences and Experience landscapes
  • Cross- cultural Tourism Behavior studies
  • The Experience economy in urban tourism destinations


Part B: Host perspectives and Visitor Behavior in the New normal

  • Well-being and Quality of Life research in the new normal
  • Utopian sensitive tourists and the Host perspectives on Visitor behavior
  • Co-creating of host-gests relationships and Social behavior Sciences in Tourism
  • Tourist health and safety in the new normal


Part C: Economic trends and Tourist Behavior  in the New Normal

  • Tourism Degrowth and Visitor behavior in the new normal
  • Value chain perspectives of new normal visitor behavior
  • Tourism recovery trends in the new normal


Part D: Socio-cultural trends and Tourist Behavior  in the New Normal

  • Tourists spaces and role-related travel behavior in the New normal
  • Visitor-host relationships in the new normal
  • Tourist motivations and typologies in the new normal


Part E: Environmental trends and Tourist Behavior  in the New Normal

  • Ecotourism, Responsible tourism and the Environmental traveler
  • Changes in Climate change and visitor behavior
  • Wellness tourism and the new normal
  • Re-defining Sustainable travel and tourism in the new normal


Part F: Digital cultures, Information  and Visitor Behavior in the new normal

  • Roles of Technology in Travel in the new normal
  • Social media in Tourist behavior sciences
  • Virtual Tourism and Artificial Intelligence applications in Post COVID tourism


Part G: Health measures and Visitor Behavior in the new normal

  • Health/ Safety measures in accommodation and food services
  • Global mobility, safety and health risks in the new normal
  • Shifting consumer preferences towards safety and healthy environment
  • Mindfulness-driven tourism in the new normal


Part H: Family Life cycle and Visitor Behavior in the new normal

  • The millennials/ The Generation Z preferences and perspectives
  • The roles of Parenting and Children in Tourism


Part I: The future of Tourism and Behavior sciences

  • The shifting trends in tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Regenerative tourism vs Tourism recovery in post pandemic context
  • Conscious tourism, Back to Normal vs New Normal in Post pandemic tourism
  • Prospects and new tourism trends in tourism


Submission details:

Your chapter abstract should include:

  1. A 500-words abstract in MS Word format which details the Chapter title, Author title, research problem, research questions, research significance, methods/ frameworks and findings and keywords
  2. Conceptual, viewpoint or empirical chapters are acceptable
  3. Author(s)’ short biography (max.100 words) and contact information (Job title, name, Affiliation, Address and email).
  4. If accepted, full contributions are expected to be a maximum of 5000 words including references. Each contribution must be original and unpublished work.

You may submit your abstract by email to Prof. Vanessaa GB Gowresunkaar, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Dr. Shem W. Maingi. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 27th November 2022


***Important Dates***

Chapter Abstract Submission Deadline: 27th November 2022

Chapter Abstract Acceptance Notification: 3rd December 2022

Full Chapter Submission Deadline: 3rd April 2023

Review and communication of results: 17th May 2023

Submission of Revised Chapter Deadline: 17th June 2023

Proposed Manuscript Hand over: 1st July 2023


Kindly note: The deadline date for submission of abstracts is 27th November 2022.