Metaverse marketing and business opportunities
Editors: Babak Taheri, Suresh Malodia, and Endrit Kromidha
Important dates:
• Abstract Deadline: 1st June 2023
• Chapter Submission End of Sept 2023
• Feedback deadlines: End of Nov 2023
• Submitting revised chapters: End of Jane 2024
• Review by editors: End of March 2024
• Submitting to Publisher: June 2024
This book will provide a new insight for ongoing research on the importance of the extended realities (XR) of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) in the business environments. This book aims to unpack the new issues and trends in the Metaverse marketing and business opportunities from consumers, service providers and businesses perspectives. The book will serve as:

• main reference point for Metaverse marketing and business opportunities
• researchers, scholars, students and practitioners
• state-of-art knowledge depository on marketing management, entrepreneurship, tourism and mainstream management studies from a contemporary perspective within the Metaverse