Call for Book Chapters: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events: Revolutionising Experiences


We are excited to announce a call for chapters for our upcoming book titled "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events: Revolutionising Experiences," to be published by Goodfellow Publishers and edited by

Dr Roya Rahimi (University of Wolverhampton, UK),

Dr Nikolaos Stylos (University of Bristol, UK),

Professor Eva M. Navarro-López (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA).

About the Book: This book aims to explore the transformative impact of AI in the interconnected industries of Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management. It will cover a wide range of topics from AI applications in travel planning and customer service to its role in sustainable management and transportation.

Call for Chapters: We invite researchers, academicians, and practitioners to contribute chapters that align with the outlined contents. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Introduction to AI in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events
    • Clarifies AI's definition and scope in tourism, hospitality, and events, outlining its varied applications.
    • Highlights AI's transformative potential in improving efficiency, customer experience, and event management across these sectors.
    • Describes the book’s objectives and layout, focusing on AI’s impact in tourism, hospitality, and events.
  2. Foundations of AI
    • Introduces fundamental AI concepts like machine learning, with a focus on their applications in tourism, hospitality, and event management.
    • Discusses specific AI algorithms and techniques relevant to these industries, offering a technical perspective.
    • Addresses the ethical dilemmas and practical challenges of AI implementation in tourism, hospitality, and events.
  3. AI Applications in Travel Planning, Booking, and Event Management
    • Describes how AI customizes travel and event recommendations, enhancing experiences in tourism and hospitality.
    • Discusses AI in customer service, including chatbots for travel planning, hotel queries, and event management.
    • Covers AI's role in pricing and revenue management strategies for travel, hospitality, and event bookings.
  4. Enhancing Guest and Attendee Experience with AI
    • Examines AI’s role in customer service and personalization, focusing on hospitality and event sectors.
    • Discusses AI-driven room automation in hotels and IoT applications for guest and attendee convenience.
    • Explores the use of AI for seamless interactions, like voice assistants and virtual concierges in hotels and event venues.
  5. AI in Destination and Event Marketing
    • Covers AI's role in predicting tourism trends and planning for destinations, including hotels and event venues.
    • Explores AI-powered social media analysis for destination and event marketing.
    • Discusses AI's application in managing tourist flows and visitor experiences, crucial for hospitality and event success.
  6. Data Analytics and Insights in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events
    • Discusses using big data and AI to understand customer behaviors and market trends in tourism, hospitality, and events.
    • Details AI's use in optimizing revenue and managing yields in the hospitality and event sectors.
    • Explores AI techniques for customer feedback and sentiment analysis across these industries.
  7. AI and Sustainable Tourism and Event Management
    • Explores AI solutions for sustainable management in tourism, hospitality, and event venues.
    • Discusses AI's contribution to efficient transportation systems for tourist destinations and events.
    • Addresses AI's role in reducing environmental impacts in tourism, hospitality, and event operations.
  8. AI and Transportation in Tourism and Events
    • Examines AI applications in transportation for tourism and event sectors.
    • Explores AI's role in planning and enhancing travel experiences, including hotel stays and event participation.
    • Discusses AI's contribution to safer travel for tourists and event attendees.
  9. Future Trends and Challenges in AI in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events
    • Investigates emerging AI technologies and their future impact on tourism, hospitality, and events.
    • Addresses ethical and privacy concerns in AI adoption across these sectors.
    • Considers future developments and the role of AI in tourism, hospitality, and event industries.
  10. Case Studies and Success Stories
    • Presents real-world examples of AI in tourism, hospitality, and events.
    • Analysis of successful AI-driven projects and their outcomes in these sectors.
    • Shares lessons learned and effective practices for industry professionals in tourism, hospitality, and events.
  11. Conclusion and Outlook
    • Summarizes key findings and insights from the book.
    • Reviews AI's potential in shaping the future of tourism, hospitality, and event industries.
    • Provides final thoughts on AI adoption challenges and opportunities in these interconnected fields

Submission Timeline:

  • Proposal Submission Deadline: February 2024
  • Notification of Acceptance: March 2024
  • Submission of First Draft: June 2024
  • Review Process: September 2024
  • Submission of Final Draft: October 2024
  • Final Manuscript to Publisher: December 2024

Submission Guidelines: Authors are requested to submit a 500-word proposal for their chapter by February 2024. Proposals should outline the intended chapter's scope and how it aligns with the book's themes. Please send your proposals and any inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..