INDEXED JOURNALS: Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism
Title:      Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism
Categories:      Tourism, Hospitality, Leisure and sport
ItemId:      10
Editor-in-Chief(s):      Bekir Bora Dedeoğlu
ISSN:      2645-9078
Publisher:      Yusuf KARAKUŞ
Journal Origin Country:      Turkey
Publication Frequency :      2 Issues per year
Start Year:      2016
Language:      English
DS:      6.38
Journal Class:      5 
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Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism (JOMAT) is an explicitly international and multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal founded in 2016. JOMAT aims to publish both empirically and theoretically based articles which advance and foster knowledge of tourism and research that explores one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organizational, marketing, management or environmental aspects of the subject. We are also trying to give a new perspective to tourism-related activities. The journal encourages short commentaries and rejoinders and provides a rapid turnaround of submissions. In addition to regular length submissions, the journal also welcomes extended peer-reviewed papers on a single topic that combines detailed literature reviews with substantive empirical research and policy analysis. We also welcome supplementary material in the form of video, audio, photographs and additional supplementary about data, not included in the paper. The journal publishes Main Papers, Book Reviews, Review Essays and occasional Opinion Pieces. Book reviews and Opinion Pieces are by invitation only.

 The Journal invites contributions related to the following subjects and their applications in tourism and hospitality: marketing management; innovations; global issues; economics; consumer behavior; organizational behavior; culture; methodology; sustainability; beverage management; planning and development; financial management; gender issues; ethics; entrepreneurship; education; and future trends. We also commission Special/Additional Issues – please contact the editors if you have a proposal for a Special Issue or Opinion Piece.



Last Issue

Authors Title Year Doi
Oritsetimeyin ARUEYİNGHO, Matina GHASEMI, Tülin BODAMYALI Medical Tourism in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus: Strategies for Improvement 2022
Ayberk ŞEKER The nexus between tourism and international service trade in the coronavirus pandemic: Evidence from Turkey 2022
Ali Rıza MANCI Determining destination risk perceptions, their effects on satisfaction, revisit and recommendation intentions: Evidence from Sanliurfa/Turkey 2022
Burçin Cevdet ÇETİNSÖZ, Seden DOĞAN, Alper DURAN Perceptions about the applicability of robot technology in the tourism industry 2022
Banu BEKCİ Cruise tourism directed to natural and cultural landscape areas in the Black Sea Basin 2022
Jick CASTANHA, Mayuri PRABHU, Subhash Kizhakanveatil Bhaskaran PİLLAİ, Indrawati INDRAWATİ, Thiago DUARTE PİMENTEL Behavior intention to adopt IRCTC application for railway ticket reservation service: A case study of Goan consumers 2022
Ferhat ŞEKER, Kamil UNUR The experience economy analysis of distinct destinations 2022
Caner ÇALIŞKAN Sustainable tourism: Gen Z? 2021
Erdoğan KOÇ, Bilge VİLLİ Transformation of tourism and hospitality customers’ perception of risk and customers’ needs for control 2021
Gamze ERYILMAZ, Kamil UNUR, Yılmaz AKGÜNDÜZ How do flow experiences and emotional states of individuals participating in recreational activities affect their self-efficacy perceptions and life satisfaction? 2021
Francesc FUSTÉ-FORNÉ Marketing cheese tourism in global times 2021
Erdal ARLI, İrşad BAYIRHAN The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic process on yacht operators: Application on a marina in Antalya 2021
Semra GÜNAY AKTAŞ, Eşref AY, Nevin YAVUZ, Serkan OLGAÇ Tourist satisfaction with American continent airports 2021
Erhan BOĞAN A review of prominent theories in perceived CSR-employee outcomes link in hospitality literature 2021
Alexandre Augusto BIZ, Dores Cristina GRECHI Public Policies, Tourism and Inovation: an analysis of the cases turismo 4.0 (Portugal) and smart tourism destination (Spain) 2021
Rodrigo Cardoso SİLVA, Maria Aparecida Pontes Da FONSECA Regionalization and public investment: Analysis of the transfers of the Ministry of Tourism (MTur) in the state of Rio de Janeiro 2021
Edegar TOMAZZONİ, Mariana TOMAZİN, Renata OLİVEİRA Management and market intelligence indicators based on the application of a tourism destination analysis model 2021
Marcos KNUPP, Magnus EMMENDOERFER, Maria VELASCO GONZÁLEZ Tourism networks - interdependent relationships among public policy actors 2021
Kassia Suelen Da Silva ' FARİAS, Silvio Lima FİGUEİREDO Public tourism policies in the Brazilian Amazon: Participation and networks 2021
Ana Valéria ENDRES The regional forum of the sustainable tourism of Brejo and its Role in the interiorization of tourism in Paraíba/Brazil 2021
Marutschka MOESCH, João Paulo TASSO Ethical challenges of public tourism policies in the face of the exacerbated crisis by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic 2021
Thiago DUARTE PİMENTEL, Marcela OLİVEİRA, Fabíola CARVALHO The effect of position in the field in the development of public policies: bourdieusian analysis of the Municipal Tourism Council of Juiz de Fora (2011-2020) 2021
Simone PUTRİCK, André Riani Costa PERİNOTTO The Rota das Emoções in the touristic context of Northeast region of Brazil 2021
Lütfi BUYRUK, Durmuş Ali AYDEMİR The opinions of hotel managers about halal hotel concept: A research in Cappadocia 2021
Ali İNANIR The effects of personality traits, organizational identification and trust in the manager at hotel organizations 2021
Mert ÖĞRETMENOĞLU, Sevinç GÖKTEPE, Ozan ATSIZ A bibliometric analysis of food studies: Evidence from British Food Journal 2021
Samet Can CURKAN, Esin ÖZKAN The effect of airline lounge services on the selection of airline 2021
İ̇pek CAN, Nurhayat İFLAZOĞLU Digital detox tourism against post-modernity 2021
Gürkan AKDAĞ, Şule DEMİR A comparative analysis on the hedonic consumption and lifestyle of voluntary simplicity behaviors of gastronomy tourists 2021
Ozan ATSIZ Virtual reality technology and physical distancing: A review on limiting human interaction in tourism 2021
Akın ŞAHİN, Ülker ÇOLAKOĞLU, Osman Nuri ÖZDOĞAN A research on customer experiences and perceptions for Michelin starred restaurants 2021
Akın ÖZEN Evaluation of tourist reviews on TripAdvisor for the protection of the world heritage sites: Text mining approach 2021
Tuna BATUHAN A Retrospective Analysis: 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and Lessons for Future Olympic Cities 2020
Murat NAZLI Customer Representatives’ Competence Of Call Center Employees: An Exploratory Study 2020
Emrah KESKİN The Analyses of the Relationships among the Belief of Self-efficacy, the Level of Job Resourcefulness and the Level of Job Performance: A Study on the Cooks at Hotels in Cappadocia Region 2020
Thiago DUARTE PİMENTEL, Fabíola CARVALHO, Marcela OLİVEİRA, Eliza Feres DE LİMA MOURA Between formality and effectiveness: The dynamics of social participation in the political cycle of a tourism management council in Juiz de Fora/MG 2020
İbrahim YILMAZ, Gülsüm TABAK, Arif Nihat SAMUR Vandalism problem in tourism and solution proposals: The case of Nevşehir 2020
Nilüfer ŞAHİN PERÇİN, Serkan YİĞİT Analysis of the Perceptions Foreign Tourists About Turkish Cuisine Through the Word Association Test: Example of Cappadocia 2020
Akın ÖZEN Relationship between Destination Image Change and Behavioral Intention: A Study on Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Experience 2020
Mohammed ALAUDDİN, Syed Mohammad HASİB AHSAN, Mohammad AKTAR KAMAL, Mohammad MANJUR ALAM, Mokaddes AHMED DİPU, Azizul HASSAN The Assessment of Perceived Service Quality Dimensions of Hotel Industry in Bangladesh 2020
Vishwambhar Prasad SATİ The Nature of Tourism and Tourists/Pilgrims’ Inflow in Uttarakhand Himalaya 2020
Cumhur OLCAR Sustainable tourism community: A case study of İstanbul 2020
Fatih GÜNAY, Fatih ECER Cash Flow Based Financial Performance of Borsa İstanbul Tourism Companies by Entropy-MAIRCA Integrated Model 2020
Caner ÇALIŞKAN, Hülya YEŞİLYURT Problematic of Tourism in Adıyaman: Multidimensional Barriers with a Community Perspective 2020
André Riani Costa PERİNOTTO, Maria SOUSA Environmental Responsibility Actions and Technologies in Hotels Management at Fortaleza – Ceará - Brazil 2020
Ozan GÜLER, A.celil ÇAKICI How a group service failure at a restaurant turns into an individual dissatisfaction? A scenario-based experiment 2020
Vishwambhar Prasad Sati Potential and Forms of Sustainable Village Tourism in Mizoram, Northeast India 2019
Robab Naghizadeh Investigation on the relationship Of service Quality On Tourist Satisfaction and Loyalty: Case Study of Ardabil County 2019
Thiago Duarte Pimentel, Sara Conceição de Paula Performance assessment protocol: notes towards an academic management tool based on a Brazilian tourism course 2019
Beste Sabır Developing a Multidisciplinary Tourism Planning Approach on Cultural Routes 2019
Nicholas Hryhorczuk Engagement in Tourism and Personality Traits among Ukrainian Adolescents 2019
Sermin Çakıcı Alp, Elif Acar Bilgin Understanding Impacts of Cultural Tourism on Sustainability of Rural Architecture in Three Villages of Bursa 2019
Sevim Kül Avan, Evren Güçer Determining the Leisure Satisfaction Levels of Individuals Having Hot Air Balloon Ride as an Adventurous Recreational Activity 2019
Lakhvinder Singh Medical Tourism Motivations: The Driving Force 2019
Sevgi Balıkçıoğlu Dedeoğlu, Şule Aydın, Gökhan Onat A General Overview on the Far East Cuisine: Cuisines of Thailand, Korea and China 2019
Burak Mil, Cüneyt Dirican Industry 4.0 Technologies and Its Effects On Tourism Economics 2018
Ahmad Wali Furmolly, Berna Kırkulak Uludağ The Impact of Tourism on Turkish Economy (1963-2015) 2018
H Ömer Tontus Promotion of Health Tourism and Evaluation of the Principles of Marketing of Health Services 2018
Mustafa Murat Kızanlıklı, Muhammet Cenk Birinci An assessment on Recreation Studies at Higher Education Level in Turkey 2018
Gaye Deniz, Betül Çetin The Evaluation Employees’ External Prestige and Organizational Support Perceptions in Terms of Demographic Characteristics: A Study in Hotel Enterprise 2018
Beyza Adıgüzel, Ayşe Selin Dülger Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in The Heart Of Turkey 2018
Yağmur Sağlam, H. Avni Egeli The Nexus Between Tourism and Economic Growth: Case of Commonwealth of Independent States 2018
Mehmet Tekeli, Lütfi Buyruk The Effect of Perceived Organizational Justice to Work Alıenation ın Hospitality Industry: The Case of Nevşehir 2018
Toni Gruber, Ali Öztüren, Ebru Güneren Özdemir Product Improvement as a Tool for Competition in Austrian Ski Schools: The Case of Ski School Toni Gruber 2018
Zeynep Çokal, Meral Büyükkuru An Evaluation of Applicability of Current Marketing Methods to Tourism Sector 2018
Emel Numanoğlu, Evren Güçer In Terms of Local People, The Cittaslow Movement Perception: The Case of Perşembe 2018
Thiago Duarte Pimentel, Mariana Pereira Chaves Pimentel The Public Agenda of Tourism in Brazil 2018
Elif Merve Yılmaz, Mine Ulusoy The Use Of Historical Buildings For Touristic Purposes: The Case Of Karatay Madrasah 2017
Atınç Olcay, Esra Çıkmaz, Yakup Kemal Özekici, Ercan İnce Appraisal of Hotelkeepers and Managers Towards Interns’ Performance: The Case Of Gaziantep 2017
Mahmut Barakazı, Sibel Önçel Sira Nights as a Recreational Tourism Activity 2017
Ramazan Eren, Oğuz Nebioğlu, Ahmet Şık Knowledge Levels on Food Safety of Employees Working in Hotel Enterprises’ kitchen: The example of Alanya 2017
Duygu Eren, Nilgün Demirel The Measurement Of Service Orientation Levels Of The Tourist Guides In Nevşehir Region 2017
Bülent Aydin Bibliometrics Analysis Of Thesis About Food Beverage Industry Registered In Thesis Center Of Council Of Higher Education 2017
Ramazan Eren, Burhan Şener Barriers For Implementing of HACCP Food Safety System: The Case Of Alanya 2017
Erdal Arslan, Murat Emeksiz Bibliometrics Profile of Environmental Management Studies In Hospitality Business and Recommendations for Future Research 2016
Bülent Aydın Restaurant Image in Social Media: The Case of Tripadvisor 2016
Kerem Kaptangil, Aysun Gargacı, Hayrullah Çetin Evaluatıon Of Tourısm Statıstıcs Of Provınce Sinop (1995-2015) 2016
İbrahim Yilmaz, Şule Ardıç Yetiş Change Of Museum Experience In Goreme Open Air Museum Accordance Wıth Demographic Charecterıstics 2016
Ebru Güneren Özdemir, Vildan YILMAZ A Practical Study On Accommodation Companies In Nevşehir About Determining Factors Of Competitive Advantage 2016

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