Bilgindex offers researchers the opportunity to convey scientific knowledge in their study to a wider audience.
In addition, via Bilgindex, researchers can submit their studies to a journal by knowing which journal has more dissemination impact.
Bilgindex makes it possible for journals to see their current knowledge dissemination competence through our calculation. It also allows journals to be compared with other journals in their field.
Bilgindex initially indexes journals that publish in the field of "tourism, hospitality, leisure and sport". These areas will be expanded in the future.
Bilgindex does not only index with the application, it also indexes the journals itself.



Dissemination score and classification

Dissemination score (DS) is calculated by the formula* developed by Bilgindex. DS will be used for the classification of journals. The classification will be done as follows:
Indexed journals will be sorted from highest to lowest acording to DS.
Top 10% 5-star
Subsequent 15% 4-star
Subsequent 20% 3-star
Subsequent 25% 2-star
The following 30% will be classified as 1-star.

* The rights of this formula have been reserved by Bilgindex. For the detail of the formula, you can visit the journal evaluation methodology page.


Paying attention to all time

Not only the 2 year, 3 year or 5 year publication and citation performance of the mjournals, but also the performance over all time periods are effective in calculating DS with different weights. At this point, the novelty of Bilgindex emerges.

Fair evaluation of new and old journals

By providing fair evaluation criteria in the calculation of DS, both old and new journals are scored more objectively.

Considering all indexes

Bilgindex does not take into account only the citations made in the journals it has indexed. It takes into account all citations.

Random Journals


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